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Jeff Wignall Ford

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20 Overton Rd
Frankston, VIC 3199

Phone : (03) 8781 7200
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About Jeff Wignall Ford
Jeff Wignall Ford is a Car Dealers (Used) business located in Frankston, VIC 3199. Visit our website for more information about our products / services.
reviewed by on 23/03/2013
January 2012, we purchased a used Ford Territory, of which the fan belt went within a few weeks. Living in Melbourne, when we rang, we were told we could take it to our mechanic to have fixed and Ford would pay. Our mechanic said it wasn't the belt but something more serious, and being under warranty, he didn't want to touch it. Our car was towed to Frankston, and Ford paid for the towing, and the repair. However, when we got the car back fixed, a few weeks later something else happened with it. After taking it back to our mechanic but still being under warranty, it was towed back to Ford and we paid for towing, told we would be reinbursed. We had no more trouble with the car, and it has been wonderful. In the mean time, Ford Frankston changed ownership unbeknown to us, and we still hadn't been reinbursed for the towing. After going back and forth, the new owner paid for the towing, even though morally he didn't have to. Thank you Ford, and thank you David Nitscke, the Used Car Manager for looking after our dilemma. You dont often hear good stories about car yards. We thoroughally recommend them.